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How do I place an order

Where can I get my prescription?

I have multiple option to submit eye prescription, which one should I chose?

I missed my prescription or it is not available right now, what should I do?

How is VisionPro so inexpensive?

I need to change something about my order. What should I do?

Do VisionPro Glasses offers digital protection glasses (blue light blocker)?

How do I place an International order?

Frames & Lenses

How do I measure my frames?

What kind of frames are sold at VisionPro?

Can I buy the frames alone?

Do you offer children's frames?

Do you offer custom engraving on Eye Frame?

What types of lenses VisionPro Glasses support?

Is it possible to order VisionPro glasses with non-prescription lenses?

What about prescription sunglasses?

Do you offer glasses that turn into sunglasses outdoors (Self tinting)?

Are there any limitations for progressive lenses?

Can I order lenses that are both color Tinted (Always dark) and Photochromic (Self Tinting)?


How do I read my prescription?

What is "PD" and how do I get mine?

Can I use contact lens prescription for ordering glasses?

Delivery and Shipping

Can I track my order?

How long do I have to wait for my glasses after I have ordered them?


Oops! I entered some of my prescription incorrectly. Now what?

How can I contact with VisionPro Glasses?

Bulk Buying

Do we offer bulk buying option and price?


What payment methods do you accept?

How are your payments secured?

Is it possible to have stacked discounts on my order?

Returns & Refund

What is your return policy?

How do I make an exchange or return?

I want to return my custom engraving eye glasses?

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